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by RehQwQ

It's really awesome! Your art just keeps getting better with the different subjects and characters you decide to draw! Can't wait to se...

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Random Commission for Miraculous
This commission is for Miraculous speededits! SO if you want a Miraculous OC then ask me to design it! Just give me some description of weaponry, hair colour, skin tone, hair style, accessories, patterns, colour of the suit, ETC! 
Animatronic Commission
This Commission is for anyone who wants me to do their animatronic OC or one from a game with animatronics! Like FNAF!
Dolphin Commission
This commission is FOR dolphin art! And NO not my Comic OCEAN! Not that
Dragon Commission
This commission will be for DRAGON pictures! So YEAH! Expensive because I do ALOT of dragon art!

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(Shoot I just realised majority of my favourite quotes are LOVE quotes! Examples:)
Sometimes the best way to stay close to someone you love is by just being friends, even if it hurts
Tell me the Story...
of how the SUN loved the MOON so much...
he died every day...
to let her LIVE
(And I so found them while scrolling through Miraculous Ladybug quotes!)
(Boo yah, love this quote!)
When A Girl Is Silent, That’s PRETTY dangerous!
She’s either over-thinking, tired of waiting, about to blow, needs a hug, falling apart, or crying inside. 
And most probably....
Not mine! It’s pretty simple! Check it out guys!…
Also, good luck!
These four characters belong ta me! Their species belong to Flight Rising... not me! This is my explanation of their relationship with each other.

Wonder why Ammitai hates Jalan’s guts? Why Jalan hates Ammitai’s? Well... it’s over Marvina’s appearance. Her iris crackle gene amongst her rose crystal makes Jalan think she looks extremely weird... and that sets off Ammitai’s temper.

The first time was when Riveros And Aurus returned home with two new baby dragonets... Marvina the Ridgeback and Amalia the Imperial were riding on top of Aurus (duh, Riveros was tiny compared to them). (Also, Selene, Mintclaw, Splash, Arkando, Alan, Templar, and Aikou weren’t even laid yet!) Riveros shrieked for the attention of her clanmate’s, they dashed from where they were to see her news. 
“Everyone, meet our newest members:
Marvina the Ridgeback of the Ice Flight.
And Amalia the Imperial of the Fire Flight! Where in the blazes is Ammitai and Jalan? They should be here too! AMMITAI! JALAN! GET OVER HERE!” Riveros shrieked again, making Aurus plug his ears. Amalia swatted them away from his ear she was nearest too. Marvina jumped carefully down Aurus’ wing, and tumbled to the bottom with Amalia on her tail. When she opened her eyes at the bottom, she was face-to-face with four frighteningly pink eyes and two deep blue ones. The dragonets colour made their eyes stand out, the pink eyed dragonet’s eyes contrasted against dark black blues and a Smokey pattern with stripes and current patterns. The blue eyed dragonet had glittery orca coloured scales, and wings that shone like crystals... he looked quite handsome and cute as a dragonet could get, the other looked freaking cute when she jumped away from both in surprise. Amalia blinked at all this, and walked up to where Marvina had leapt to. The smokey dragonet grinned with giggle in his jaw, the other glared curiously at both females. Marvina gulped, And Aurus nudged her forward. Amalia yawned and walked up to the shiny dragon, and sat down sleeping. Marvina looked at Aurus, who showed kindness and certainty in his eyes. 
“These two are about your age, the only two in the clan. See the Mirror, the dark blue one, his name is Ammitai.” Marvina turned to see him right next to her, within a cm close. She helped and jumped on Aurus’ head, Riveros held her breath trying not to giggle at Aurus’ face. Aurus’ sister, Salva, came over and pried her off his head. Marvina whimpered, she found it surprisingly comfy on top of Aurus, and she was set down next to Ammitai again. He wasn’t at all surprised or upset at her reactions, he just smiled. Ammitai held out his hand to shake hers and said, “I’m Ammitai! Nice to meet you Marvina!” Marvina shook his hand, and Ammitai pointed to the shiny dragon, who Marvina realised was a Coatl. “That star-brain is Jalan, from the Waterflight. Me, i’m from the ARCANE flight! Woah, your scales look so cool! And shiny!” He pointed to the rosy pink scales on Marvina, and smiled when she looked at him face-to-face. Jalan was poking Amalia’s capsule gene stomach, she’d say it tickled, and he’d tickle her on purpose. When he noticed the two others staring, he snorted in disgust, at Marvina in particular. Ammitai blew a raspberry at him, he scowled back. 
“Does... he not like Ridgebacks?” 
“Who, Jalan? He HATES everyone! Except maybe your friend there... that’s capsule gene right? Never seen that before! Fireflight, opposite, sorta, to Waterflight, Aye?” Ammitai grinned. Marvina giggled, and Amalia yawned and rolled on top of Jalan, squashing the smaller dragon. Soon, after messing about, a tall guardian dragon came up to the four, and behind her was a wildclaw. Ammitai raspberries the wildclaw, who is Sheridan, and Marvina gulps at the huge Guardian, who is Azra. Azra snorts at Sheridan, and he frowns at her and flys over to the nesting cave where dragons sleep. He leaps back in surprise, and a goldenrod Skydancer comes out laughing. Marvina yawns, but steps backwards and trips on her tail, and Ammitai jumps behind her and she lands on top of him like a pillow. She gasps and rolls off him, Ammitai was many times smaller than Marvina, but he just giggles and playfully tackles her. Wildclaw yowling, and Azra speaks to the play fighting duo.
”Time to get acquainted with the sleeping cave, an important place in the clan.”
”But WHY is it so IMPORTANT?!” Whined Jalan And Ammitai, Ammitai was slightly sarcastic.
”BECAUSE, some dragons are little TOUCHY about other ps touching their STUFF!” Her head whips to an ivory-olive Fae, who hissed and dashed inside, and grabbed several, bubbling, potions and a cauldron. 
”SHUT UP!”  He yelled back. Ammitai bursts out laughing, and Jalan raspberries the older Fae. Till at last, they follow Azra to the cave, Aurus was inside and was trying to tackle Sheridan... who was yelling in protest. Slithering, Aurus managed to tackle him when he tried to veer around him. Jalan sat on Sheridan’s head, and yowled in victory. 
“You didn’t even help him, Jalan.” Jalan raspberries again. Amalia plops on both of them, then falls asleep. Ammitai giggles, Marvina takes in the sight of the cave. Particularly huge, to fit several species of large dragons, there were nest of different sizes pocketing the floor... then she saw the amber nests attached to the wall. One was big enough for a particularly large Fae, the other three were of similar but smaller size. 
“How many Faes are in the clan?” Marvina asks Ammitai, he holds up four claws. Then a camouflaged yellow head poked up from the third largest, and out popped a Fae, Andras. He yawned and frowned at Amalia and Marvina, Marvina recoils in shock. 
“MOTHER! DID YOU ADOPT MORE DRAGONS?!” He yells, Riveros pokes her head inside, and nods. 
“Yep! Marvina and Amalia! Deal with the fact, Andras. ARLEN! COME SAY HI! WHERE THE HECK IS ISILDUR?!” She shrieked, And when she took off to look for Isildur, a fire orange Mirror Dragon came inside. 
“Hey father-“
”SENSEI! WHEN’S HUNTING?!” Shrieks Ammitai, with a hint of begging. Marvina giggles, and Ammitai smiles... obviously he was trying to make her laugh while also annoying Arlen. 
“Haha, later Ammitai. This must be Marvina, and this is-Aurus! Off of Sheridan! Before I get Scruffy! This Dragoness on top of you two, Sheridan and Jalan, must be Amalia.” Aurus slithers away, but Sheridan remains grounded to the floor.... and snorts, waking Amalia who rolled off of the two dragonets. 

Later that day, Marvina woke to hear Scruffy squawking her voice box out to bursting point, ordering dragons around outside. She was squawking out orders like ‘Put that down!’ Or ‘Don’t touch that!’ Or ‘WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!’ or even ‘Calm down! She’s fine! They’re fine!’. Marvina tippy-toed outside, two Faes were dashing frantically, Aurus was yelling in anger at the olive one, Alexei was zipping frantically with books, Sheridan was running around the place with bowls of food or water while trying to avoid the frantic Faes, Arlen was nowhere to be seen, neither was Salva or the shamrock Fae or Riveros. Scruffy’s antennae were waving around frantically, while she was screaming orders at the others. Ammitai, Jalan And Amalia came up behind the tall Ridgeback, and she asked Ammitai and Jalan, 
“What’s going on here? Did something happen?” Ammitai shrugged, and Jalan yelped when Sheridan narrowly missed dropping a bowl of grubs and insects on him. 
screamed Scruffy. She stomped on Sheridan’s foot when he came near with nothing in his hands. Marvina gasped, and ran off to where Aurus was coiled up near... the Nursery. Inside were two tiny Faes, Riveros and the shamrock Fae Kirea, and the many times bigger Salva. Riveros was gasping for air, two eggs ridiculously big for a tiny dragon such as her laid beside her. Kirea had two tall eggs, and a Fae-sized egg, beside her, she had passed out. Salva was awake, with two very different sized eggs beside her side. She saw the four tiny dragonets cannon into each other as they rushed in to see. The smaller boys barely let out a ‘hey!’ of surprise before they were scooped up by Salva, with Marvina and Amalia in her hands as well. 
“What happened to Riveros and the other Fae?!” Squeaked Marvina, “Why are a few of those eggs so big?!” 
“Uh, duh! They laid eggs with bigger dragons inside them! Riveros laid Mirror Dragon eggs, and Kirea there laid a Fae AND two Spiral eggs. Duh! Salva being a bigger dragon is totally fine at laying eggs that size!” Jalan hisses and points at the two eggs next to Salva. “Riveros and Kirea are NOT!” Salva taps him on the head, and smiles.
”Calm down Jalan! He is right with the first part though. Marvina, don’t worry! They’ll be fine! We are talking about the biggest Faes in the clan right now! And the two strongest female ones at that!” Salva grinned, Marvina nodded hopefully. Marvina jumped off of Salva’s giant paw, and carefully walked up to Riveros’ eggs... both were Windflight eggs like Kirea and Salva’s, both were Mirror Dragon sized ones. She noticed Riveros’ heavy breathing stopped, and saw that she was staring at her and yelled in surprise. Amalia was sniffing the biggest of Salva’s two, and Jalan was with her. Ammitai ran over to Marvina, and Riveros.
”Hey. You two alright?” Riveros whispered, exhausted. Marvina and Ammitai nodded, and she smiled. “Good. Here’s a tip Marvina, grow-up to be a STRONG young dragon when your older! Okay? Me, I’m weaker than Andras in magical abilities right now... he has a better grasp over magic than I.” and Riveros turned around and curled, as best she’s could, around her two eggs. Kirea groaned in sleepy ness, but Aurus came inside and nudged her to make sure she was alright. She swiped his nose, and went back to sleeping. Ammitai giggled, and Marvina smiles as Aurus backs out to his coils. 
“I think you four should go. We need to rest... okay?” The four dragonets nod and fumble out of the Nursery.
“Ooh... I wonder what dragons will be inside those eggs!” 
“You know that Kirea, Riveros, and Salva are related right?” Ammitai points out. Marvina, Amalia, even Jalan, gawk at him. He nods to say ‘yeah!’. 
“Salva’s mate is Andras, Kirea’s brother and Riveros’ eldest child. Sensei told me!” 
“Woah... cool! So umm, big family of Faes in the clan? There is two Fae sized eggs in there, so then Faes make up majority of the clan!” 
“Yeah, the clan leader IS a Fae! Tsk, Faes are so weird! So hard to understand because they talk in expressions and actions rather than FREAKING words!” Growls Jalan, Amalia giggles. 
“Oh yeah! I read that Faes and Coatls don’t get along very well, because coatls have a hard time trying to understand a Faes way of speaking andi’llshutup.” smiles Marvina, avoiding Jalan’s glare. Ammitai hisses at Jalan, “Geez dude! I never knew that!” 
“Yeah? I also read Imperials and Pearlcatchers don’t get along either! Uh... but Salva seems to get along fine with Amalia... so... maybe that applies for majority of their species?” 
“Do Ridgebacks get along with coatls?” Jalan grumbles, Ammitai hisses again. 
“Well um... a mutual relationship, the same with other species? I dunno!” 
“Good... because between you and me, I don't WANT to get along with a dragon that looks like you!” Ammitai howls instead of hissing, and he leaps at Jalan, claws outstretched. Jalan whirls around and screams as Ammitai attacks him, and fights back. Marvina shrieked, and bigger dragons came flying in to see the situation. Ammitai bit into Jalan’s neck, as Jalan tore into his legs with claws. Marvina whirled to Amalia, but she was just watching the fight curiously. 
“No stop! Stop fighting! Please!” Marvina begged. But Jalan whipped his clawed hand at MARVINA and she shrieked in pain. Ammitai roared and bit Jalan’s blood-covered hand. Marvina tried several times to get Amalia to help, but she just shook her head and kept watching excited. Marvina tried another few times to pull Ammitai off of Jalan, but was sent away with swipes from Jalan, leaving more scars on her. Then a shadow fell over the three, and a blush pink Imperial grabbed and shoved Ammitai away from Jalan. Ammitai yowled in frustration, and Jalan hissed at the giant Imperial. Jalan wriggled free for a moment, till Azra knocked him back into the Imperial’s claws, and turned to block Ammitai from Jalan... but he was at Marvina’s side, hissing furiously at the shiny Coatl. Arlen came bounding, he had left earlier on a hunt, and he roared at dragonets. 
“WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?! Ammitai, Jalan, WHAT HAPPENED?!” He roared. Instead of Jalan or Ammitai, Amalia described the situation... in only three words.
“Jalan annoyed Ammitai.” she explained. Jalan huffed, And Ammitai scowled at the bigger dragons and put a wing around Marvina’s shivering body. 
“I thought I taught you... NEVER ATTACK ANOTHER DRAGON OF YOUR CLAN!!!” 
“It’s Jalan’s fault! He’s a jerk! Sensei, He isn’t as kind as you THINK! Not towards Marvina anyways!” Ammitai snarled.

This is the first of many fights between Ammitai and Jalan, as Isildur and Azra separate the two, with a female following one of the boys, Ammitai secretly vowed to protect Marvina from Jalan, and Jalan vowed to never trust either of those two... these fights continue, even as they grew older into adulthood... even when both Ammitai and Marvina out grew Jalan.
What drives me crazy when I try to draw Chat Noir... THE FREAKING HAIR PEOPLE! ARGH! Seems like, not a problem, BUT IT’S A PAIN IN THE TAIL!



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I also do miraculous ladybug (me and my friends, and brother).
Not mine! It’s pretty simple! Check it out guys!…
Also, good luck!


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